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Published on January 16, 2016

Why Email Marketing Is For Serious Affiliate Marketers.

Why should an affiliate marketer us e-mail marketing to build their home-based business? This is an extremely common question that every affiliate marketer must ask and it’s a good question.

Conversion rates

For the longevity of your online business, you will want to start your own opt-in email list. With an opt-in email list, you can sell to prospects over and over again and dramatically boost your conversion rates. If you’ve ever seen a marketer who is boasting about their 14% conversion rate from their product.

leads for affiliate marketingThe Only reason they are attaining such conversion rates is that they’re marketing via an email list. Opt-in marketing is a form of email marketing that gives you permission to email a targeted prospect. This is very different from spam since you’re not randomly emailing names, and is also different from a conversion rate point of view since opt-in email conversion rates are far greater than spam.

Now there are all kinds of ways to boost the conversion rates of your email list, and that’s what I want to share with you. It doesn’t matter if you get a lot of leads. If your sales funnel is no good, then you will receive minimum profits. Strive to convert as many leads as possible, and you can do this in a number of ways.

Personalization will give you a boost in conversion rates. Now understand something here, if you put up an opt-in form on your site, and you only ask for the “email address” you will get a lot of leads. If you ask for their “name” and “email address” your opt-in subscriber rate will decrease, but note you will be building a higher quality list.

Why Double opt-in?

email listWith regular opt-in marketing, any email address can be added to a subscription box or email list, and it will stay on that list until the owner of the email address takes action to remove the subscription in some way. Double opt-in marketing is a little bit different, though people are not free to submit any email address. They may only submit addresses to which they have access to, they must click a link before they are added to your list.

However, just because somebody has gone through the double opt-in process doesn’t mean that he or she will read your newsletters. It’s up to you to provide useful and interesting content, and to encourage your opt-in email list of subscribers, to open your emails. By writing compelling headlines that arouse their curiosity.

When writing your headlines, though, be sure that the content of your newsletter relates to the headline. Otherwise, your subscribers will feel cheated or disappointed and will either unsubscribe from your list or simply stop opening your emails.

Email marketing campaign

Lastly, let’s take a look at some of the attributes upon which the success or failure of an opt-in email marketing campaign depends. You should remember that the mere investment in an opt-in email campaign does not guarantee success. Your content should be enticing, as well. It should not bore or irritate the recipients.

The email copy should be able to hold the recipient’s interest level for a prolonged period. Secondly, the email content must seem relevant to the needs and interests of the recipients.

network marketingThirdly, sending too many or too few emails can affect the campaign. Lastly, the offers you put forward to your recipients should be tempting to make them purchase your offer. Double opt In marketing ensures that the subscriber subscribed to your list himself, herself.

This is the best email marketing practice because it means that the subscriber showed interest in your product before you start your marketing campaign. Therefore, such an email marketing opt-in solution is not only legal but a targeted email marketing campaign should also convert better.

Email marketing gives the affiliate marketers a real advantage over the rest of the affiliates of your online business.

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