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Published on January 8, 2016

How do I drive more website traffic to our websites?

how do I increase website traffic
This is an extremely common question that every network marketer must ask and it’s a good question. The more website traffic you can get to your website, the more you can connect, engage and convert visitors into customers.

If you have the drive to learn how to promote your website, then you have the drive to reach out to people and pull them together to form a community. If you’re anything like me, you’re on a constant journey to drive more website traffic to your website.

The more website traffic your site gets, the more money you make and the closer you are to that coveted Four Hour Workweek lifestyle.

Another great technique to drive traffic to your blog is joining Facebook Groups. Find Facebook Groups relevant to your niche and start posting blog content from your website. Website traffic is the only way we bloggers earn money online.

Either its blogging or online marketing, we all need website traffic. Without it, everything is a waste. The Internet is no longer like a newspaper, it is a fun, engaging place for people to connect.

Online survey software and other interactive tools can help you attract more people to your site, encourage them to stay longer, and give them a reason to return. Optimization is the process of making something as fully perfect, functional or effective as possible. If you optimize your website, this sets it up for success through more website traffic.

Once you get people to your site and they begin to search through it, you must have things for them to do, read and relate to. Un-optimized sites don’t attract, convert, close or delight visitors. In the content strategy plan take into account the prior keyword search you have done, and those topic macro-categories you have discovered, make them your blog categories.

And after all that, schedule in order to have always a minimum of two to three new post per month for any category. If you consistently employ a strategy of participation and share great information. Also make a positive, memorable impression on those who see your interactions on these sites.

Your followers and fans will grow and your ability to drive website traffic back to your blog by sharing content will be tremendous. For many bloggers, social media is the single largest source of traffic. Particularly in the early months after launch, when S E O is a less consistent driver.

Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most crucial success factors for new online businesses and should be a primary emphasis early on. But if you only focus on traditional traffic generation strategies like link building you’re missing out on lots of potential customers.

Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which business write short articles about their services or products.

Placing these articles on your blog and making them more about themselves or company will benefit you in the long run.

As bloggers, we see a lot of comments. Many are spam, only a few add real value, and even fewer are truly fascinating and remarkable. If you can add comments to be in this final category consistently. In ways that make a blogger sit up and think “Man, I wish that person commented here more often!”

You can achieve great things for your own site’s visibility through participation in the comments of other blogs. A big mistake that new and even experienced bloggers make on social media is not being engaging enough. Social Media has the word social in it for a reason and in order to be successful on social, you must be social.

I know that seems really obvious, but I’m shocked every single day by people I see on social media that really don’t understand this simple concept. These people toss out links to their blog or website and that’s it. They aren’t social and they aren’t engaging.


website-trafficIf you own a blog and have no traffic, set yourself a goal to post every day or every weekday for 2 weeks. Once you have done this you will see the massive difference it will make in the number of people visiting your blog.

Write articles for your own site regularly. This will help you to win on the search engines and gives your visitors a reason to come back over and over. Look at every sentence on your website. Does it stand up on its Own? Cut out the clutter and add keywords and phrases.

If you sell cars, avoid impotent phrases like “Customer Service to Rely On” and use phrases such as “Discount Car Dealership, Midlands UK”. Potential visitors searching on Google won’t be searching for “customer service”, but they will be searching for “car dealership, Midlands”.

When using images, I highly recommend creating a way for others to use them on their own sites legally and with permission, but in such a way that benefits you as the content creator. For example, you could have a consistent notice under your images indicating that re-using is fine, but that those who do should link back to this post.

You can also post that as a sidebar link, include it in your terms of use, or note it however you think will get the most adoption. If you follow this, your site will do very well, with return website visitors increasing your website traffic.

The more return visitors you get the better chance of making money at home. Blogging is the number one way to increase website traffic for years to come.

To increase website traffic blogging is the best long-term plan.

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