3 Facts About “Joining” That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

Published on November 22, 2017

The very first bad habit with the affiliate, network marketing is joining!

It seems most think their success will come from joining a program, income opportunity or buying some information product. 97% of wanna bee marketers think this way and that is why only 3% succeeds in any affiliate or networking program.

Most of the time, excluding HYIP programs, huge amounts of money can be made. The money will be made from those that have a system in place before ever trying to make a dime working from home.

The 3 step network marketing system must be like this:Best autoresponder

Traffic (paid or free)
Catching the attention of prospects to showcase your advantages thru a lead capture page.
Then showing affiliate link.

We will cover each detail in future posts here on this blog.

First I want to get you to focus on Bad Habit ONE;

Joining and or trying, as some call it, and then expecting a miracle to come along and do it for you.

A little story:

I have been making a constant residual income from driving website traffic using free safe lists, and viral mailers for several years now. About a year ago I joined some 250 hot safe lists that were up from just 50 safe lists. My income dropped about as fast as I was joining these safe lists, viral mailers.

Why joining almost killed my network marketing financial dreams…

The biggest reason my income was dropping even thou I belonged to more safe lists and viral mailers was a (dramatic) tragic drop in traffic. Sending more emails but getting fewer results did not add up.

It seems as high as 85% of safe lists can be just pure junk. Admin of many safe lists only worries about their wallet not in owning a great resource for those living from paycheck to paycheck. They offer promo codes, dirt cheap membership levels, offering a gazillion credits, a ton of solo ads, allowing members to join and never even look at an email. The list goes on.

viral mailersIt is human nature to take advantage of a situation that allows them to get something for nothing. And at the same time getting nothing from that kind of situation without realizing it for way too long. YES, even myself took to long to see what I was doing wrong.

Recently I purchased A1SafelistMailer and as admin, I find the number of members who join and do not make use of the service that is offered, free advertising for any website, astonishing. Maybe they just thought A1safelistMailer was one that gives credits away.

The safe lists first came to be was so that a person living from paycheck to paycheck could trade time for money. In other words a trade you look at other sites so other members had to look at your site. That only sounds fair to me and that is what A1Safelist Mailer and the other 15% of good mailersĀ  are based on.

So if you one of the many who works harder at getting out of work then, by all means, look for paid traffic or you will be wasting your time. Time is after all money. Another statement I heard a long time ago still holds true today: “If you are not making money with TEN Good safe lists, viral mailers adding another 100 or even 200 will not work any better.

So JOINING safe lists and or viral mailers is the first habit you need to break. It must go like this:

Join – Track – Delete your membership if the site is not delivering traffic. Do not stay a member and get your Gmail account flooded with emails. Gmail will bounce your email and you will most likely loose your good safe list accounts.free website traffic

First, comes web site traffic. With the right system, consistency comes paid signups. Paid signups must be your end goal, not the hobby!